2008-2012 Bibliography on Coptic Literature

A bibliography on Coptic literature for the years 2008-2012 is now available on the website of the Tenth International Congress of Coptic Studies (Rome, September 17-22, 2012). The document was compiled by Heike Behlmer (University of Göttingen). Those interested will find there the articles which have been published since the previous congress (Cairo, September 14-20, 2008). I am grateful to Heike for mentioning also the brief articles which have been posted on this blog during the past year and a half. Actually, I was planning to put everything together in a book which shall be published in the collection of the Corpus dei manoscritti copti letterari.


About Alin Suciu

I am a researcher at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities. I write mostly on Coptic literature, Patristics, and apocryphal texts.
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2 Responses to 2008-2012 Bibliography on Coptic Literature

  1. Thanks! By the way, Alin, do you by any chance have the bibliographies compiled for the previous congress in Cairo? I want to take a look at the bibliography prepared by Jean-Daniel Dubois “Études gnostiques 2004–2008, avec un appendice sur le manichéisme en Égypte”. This bibliography is supposed to be published in the proceedings of the Cairo congress, but the volume is still unpublished. Could you help me out?

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