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Orientalia Christiana Periodica Article

My article on the Coptic manuscripts in Naples has just been published in the latest issue of Orientalia Christiana Periodica: A. Suciu, “The Borgian Coptic Manuscripts in Naples: Supplementary Identifications and Notes to a Recently Published Catalogue,” Orientalia Christiana Pariodica … Continue reading

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Putting Together the Puzzle of a Christmas Story: A Coptic Document in Princeton and Its Related Fragments

Because Christmas is coming, I will discuss in this post a Coptic text which deals with the birth of Jesus. A fragment of the work in question is preserved in the Princeton University Library and it is available in Cullen … Continue reading

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New Fragments of the Gospels in Fayyumic

The remnants of several Fayyumic Biblical codices which belonged to the White Monastery survive scattered in various modern collections. They were studied over the course of time by several scholars. For her part, Anne Boud’hors published some of the fragments … Continue reading

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Articles on Ephraem the Syrian

E.A.W. Budge, “On a Fragment of a Coptic Version of Saint Ephraim’s Discourse on the Transfiguration of Our Lord,” Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology 9 (1886/1887) 317-329  (this is CPG 3939, In transfigurationem domini; the homily belongs to … Continue reading

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An Unknown Fragment from a Discourse of Shenoute in the Cleveland Museum of Art

To Pierre Cherix A few days ago, I read an interesting, but little-known, article concerning the conservation of two Coptic parchment fragments. The article was published in 2004 by Paul Hepworth and Maurizio Michelozzi in the journal The Paper Conservator … Continue reading

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New Blog on Christian Culture in the Middle East

Adam McCollum, lead cataloger of Eastern Christian manuscripts at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library (HMML), announced his new blog on various aspects of the Christian culture in the Middle East. Adam promised he will show us many manuscript images! … Continue reading

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