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New Writings Attributed to John Chrysostom in Coptic

In an article which will be published soon, Sever Voicu identified the first Sahidic fragments from the pseudo-Chrysostomic piece In Psalmum 50, hom. 2 (CPG 4545; Clavis coptica 0486; Greek text in PG 55, coll. 575-588). Voicu found a cluster … Continue reading

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A Supplementary Leaf from the Ancoratus of Epiphanius in Coptic

The Ancoratus was written by Epiphanius of Salamis in 374, in order to oppose the theologies of Origen and Arius.[1] In this inluential dogmatic work, Epiphanius argued that salvation belongs to the Christians “anchored” in the Apostolic tradition of the … Continue reading

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New Coptic Fragments from a Homily by Severus of Antioch (Attributed Also to Gregory of Nyssa and Hesychius of Jerusalem)

Severus, the “Monophysite” patriarch of Antioch, was one of most gifted theologians of his time.[1] He came to the Episcopal See of Antioch in 512, under the rule of the anti-Chalcedonian emperor Anastasius, and was in charge of the bishopric … Continue reading

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A Leiden Manuscript Containing the Apocryphal Names of the Two Thieves

Among the unidentified Coptic literary manuscripts deposited in the collection of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden, there are two parchment fragments that bear the inventory number F 1976/4.31. According to the museum acquisition book, the items were purchased in … Continue reading

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Two Coptic Fragments Containing Extracts from Isaiah of Scetis: A New Manuscript Witness of the Asceticon

A few days ago, Dr. Heinzgerd Brakmann drew my attention to a Coptic parchment folio from the collection of the National Library in Paris. The leaf survived dismembered from its original binding and is currently bound as folio 147 in … Continue reading

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Additional Fragments from the Coptic Version of Ephrem Graecus

In a recent article, I presented two new Coptic fragments from pseudo-Ephrem.[1] They contain portions from the ascetical sermon De perfectione monachi (CPG 3971; Clavis coptica 0860). Some modern authors have mistakenly attributed this writing to Maximus the Confessor, but … Continue reading

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A New Witness to the Spiritual Homilies of Macarius in a Sahidic Manuscript

Under the name of Macarius the Egyptian, the great solitary from the desert of Scetis, have circulated numerous homilies, letters and other literary pieces which are sometimes labeled together as the “Macarian corpus.” I have recently identified some new fragments … Continue reading

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