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P. Buzi & A. Camplani, Christianity in Egypt. Festschrift Tito Orlandi (Rome 2012)

After the Mélanges offerts à Wolf-Peter Funk, edited by Paul-Hubert Poirier & Louis Painchaud in 2006 (available here), another Festschrift of high interest for Coptological studies has been published: Paola Buzi & Alberto Camplani (eds.), Christianity in Egypt: Literary Production … Continue reading

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An Encomium on the Archangel Gabriel of Unknown Authorship

In a recent issue of Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum, Hans Förster published the editio princeps of P. Vindob. K 9670, a Sahidic parchment folio from the collection of the National Library in Vienna.[1] The fragment seems to come from an … Continue reading

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Notes on the Canons of Pseudo-Athanasius

I recently tried to reconstruct codicologically a White Monastery manuscript on the basis of several parchment sheets spread among several libraries. I have not yet managed to identify their content, but the text suggests that they belonged to certain church … Continue reading

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A Supplementary Leaf from the Ancoratus of Epiphanius in Coptic

The Ancoratus was written by Epiphanius of Salamis in 374, in order to oppose the theologies of Origen and Arius.[1] In this inluential dogmatic work, Epiphanius argued that salvation belongs to the Christians “anchored” in the Apostolic tradition of the … Continue reading

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À propos de la datation du manuscrit contenant le Grand Euchologe du Monastère Blanc

“À propos de la datation du manuscrit contenant le Grand Euchologe du Monastère Blanc,” Vigiliae Christianae 65 (2011) 189-198. The article is dedicated to the memory of Father Emmanuel Lanne, osb. Abstract: The most complete Sahidic manuscript of the Euchologion, … Continue reading

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