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2012 in review

When I started this blog, in January 2011, I did not believe that ‘Patristics, Apocrypha, Coptic literature and Manuscripts’ can attract so many readers. I hope to keep it up next year too and thanks to everyone who read the … Continue reading

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Memorabilia: Georg Zoega on Reconstructing Coptic Manuscripts from Scattered Leaves

As the readers of my blog probably know well, the main challenge of Coptic literature is the fragmentary state in which most of the manuscripts in this language are preserved. Of course, I am not referring to the late Bohairic … Continue reading

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The Coptic Manuscripts of Monsieur Dujardin and the Crawford Collection in the John Rylands Library, Manchester

Much of the modern circulation of the Coptic manuscript fragments from the library of the Monastery of Apa Shenoute (or, alternatively, the White Monastery) still remains unknown to us. With some exceptions, we do not know exactly how the fragments … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ivan Miroshnikov – An Unpublished Coptic-Latin Dictionary from the Nineteenth Century

I am happy to host again here Ivan Miroshnikov, this time with an article concerning a very interesting discovery which he made in a Russian library. After the Allies won the World War II, many so-called ‘items of cultural value’ … Continue reading

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Two Forthcoming Articles on Christian Apocrypha

Here are two of my forthcoming studies on Coptic Christian traditions concerning the childhood of Christ. The versions of the papers are subsequent to the peer-review process. 1) “‘Me, This Wretched Sinner’: A Coptic Fragment from the Vision of Theophilus Concerning … Continue reading

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THE LIFE OF ADAM AND EVE AND ADAMIC TRADITIONS (7-10 janvier 2014 – January 7th-10th, 2014)

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s been a bit hectic around here lately and this made me take a blogging break. However, here is an interesting message I just got from Pierluigi Piovanelli concerning the next colloquium organized by the Association pour … Continue reading

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