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Abba Isaiah of Scetis: Bibliography 2

The first part of the bibliography here Monk Augoustinos, Tou hosiou patros hemon abba Esaiaou logoi 29 (Jerusalem 1911) John Chryssavgis and P. R. Penkett, eds., Abba Isaiah of Scetis: Ascetic Discourses (CS 150; Kalamazoo, MI: Cistercian Publications, 2002)

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2008-2012 Bibliography on Coptic Literature

A bibliography on Coptic literature for the years 2008-2012 is now available on the website of the Tenth International Congress of Coptic Studies (Rome, September 17-22, 2012). The document was compiled by Heike Behlmer (University of Göttingen). Those interested will find … Continue reading

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J.A. de Aldama – Repertorium pseudochrysostomicum

The Repertorium pseudochrysostomicum, compiled by José Antonio de Aldama, is an invaluable tool for those interested in Patristic studies. The repertory consists of a total of 581 pseudo-Chrysostomic works preserved in Greek, which are arranged alphabetically according to their incipit. … Continue reading

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Apocrypha Bibliography: M.-A. van den Oudenrijn – Gamaliel. Äthiopische Texte zur Pilatusliteratur

This book contains the Ethiopic version of two texts attributed to Cyriacus, bishop of Behnesa (Oxyrhynchus): the Lament of Mary (ላሐ፡ ማርያም) and the Martyrdom of Pilate (ስምዐ፡ ጲላጦስ). The first text narrates the events surrounding the Resurrection of Christ, … Continue reading

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Pachomian Bibliography 5: Boon – Pachomiana Latina

This book contains Jerome’s Latin translation of several works of Pachomius and his disciples: 1) the Rules of Pachomius; 2) the Epistles of Pachomius; 3) an Epistle of Theodorus of Tabennesi; 4) the Testament of Orsiesius; 5) the Monita S. … Continue reading

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Coptica Online: Oscar von Lemm

Somebody has pointed out to me that many Coptological studies by Oscar von Lemm are available on a Russian website. Here is the list (the links will redirect you to the original website): 1. Koptische Miscellen. CXLV–CXLVIII O. von Lemm Извѣстія … Continue reading

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Fenoyl – Le Sanctoral copte

Maurice de Fenoyl, Le Sanctoral copte (Recherches publiées sous la direction de l’Institut de Lettres Orientales de Beyrouth, 15; Beirut: Imprimerie Catholique, 1960) download here.

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