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Ivan Miroshnikov’s Article on the Sahidic Version of 4 Maccabees

In April 2012, Ivan Miroshnikov (University of Helsinki/Centre for Egyptological Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences) published on this blog an excerpt from his transcription and translation of the (fragmentary) Sahidic version of 4 Maccabees. His edition of all the Sahidic … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Anthony Alcock – Shenoute, De Discrimine Temporum

The following is a translation of the text published in J.Leipoldt (ed.) Sinuthii archimandritae vita et opera omnia IV CSCO (1913) pp. 173-197, to which he assigned the title De Discrimine Temporum. A Latin translation was made in the 1930s … Continue reading

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Guest Post: A. Alcock – De Lingua by Shenoute

The Coptic text of this can be found in Sinuthii Archimandritae Vita et Opera Omnia (CSCO series 2 vol. IV): text published by J. Leipoldt in 1908 and Latin translation by H. Wiesman in the same series published in 1931. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: A. Alcock – Teaching of Apa Psote, the Great Bishop of Psoi

The Coptic text was published by E.A. Wallis Budge Miscellaneous Coptic Texts (1915) pp. 147ff. It is one of two texts in BM Or. 7597, the other being a discourse by Severus of Antioch on several topics. It is dated … Continue reading

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St. Sarābāmon, Bishop of Nikou, lies among those important oriental saints whose reputation reached the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. According to his vita (see further below), he was a descendant of the proto-martyr Stephen and raised as a Jew in Jerusalem … Continue reading

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