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Two Other Scraps from a Parchment Leaf Containing the Apocryphal Acts of John in Coptic

Recently, I reported that one of the Coptic fragments which were auctioned by Sotheby’s in July 2009 contains a portion from Metastasis Iohannis. This apocryphal writing, originally written in Greek, is actually part of the Acts of John (chapters 106-115). Those … Continue reading

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Two Extracts from Proclus of Constantinople in a Coptic Fragment in Louvre

(Thank you, David Tibet, for the useful suggestions, especially regarding the Coptic text!) Proclus of Constantinople was held in high regard in Coptic Egypt. His fame was largely due to the fact that Proclus allied himself, from the beginning, with … Continue reading

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Coptic Bible Resources

Some useful resources for the study of the Coptic Bible: H. Hyvernat, “Étude sur les versions coptes de la Bible I,” Revue biblique 5 (1896) 427-433, 540-569 H. Hyvernat, “Étude sur les versions coptes de la Bible II,” Revue biblique … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Hugo Lundhaug-A New Fragment of the Martyrdom of Apa Nahroou

In the collection of the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo there is one single fragment (15,5 cm by 18,5 cm at its largest points) of a Coptic parchment codex. Thanks to the keen eye of Alin … Continue reading

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A Hitherto Unnoticed Coptic Fragment from the Apocalypse of John

Earlier this year, my friend Christian Askeland completed and defended successfully his doctoral thesis at the University of Cambridge. The title of his dissertation is “John’s Gospel: The Coptic Translations of Its Greek Text,” and it was already accepted for … Continue reading

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The Identification of Deir el-Bachit Monastery (Western Thebes)

The German archaeological mission in Egypt announces here the identification of Deir el-Bachit monastic site. The name of this place appears on some Theban ostraka as “the monastery of Apa Paul, on the mountain of Djeme.”

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Pachomian Bibliography 4

The last series of Pachomian “goodies.” M. Chaîne, Le manuscrit de la version copte en dialecte sahidique des “Apophthegmata Patrum” (Bibliothèque d’études coptes, 6; Cairo: Imprimerie de l’IFAO, 1960) H. Quecke, Die Briefe Pachoms. Griechischer Text der handschrift W.145 der … Continue reading

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