Pachomian Bibliography 5: Boon – Pachomiana Latina

This book contains Jerome’s Latin translation of several works of Pachomius and his disciples:

1) the Rules of Pachomius;

2) the Epistles of Pachomius;

3) an Epistle of Theodorus of Tabennesi;

4) the Testament of Orsiesius;

5) the Monita S. Pachomii.

In the appendix, L.-T. Lefort offers the Coptic and Greek fragments of the Rules of Pachomius.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Amand Boon, Pachomiana latina. Règle et épîtres de s. Pachôme, épître de s. Théodore et ‘Liber’ de s. Orsiesius. Texte latin de s. Jérôme (Bibliothèque de la Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique, 7; Louvain: Universiteitbibliotheek, 1932).


About Alin Suciu

I am a researcher at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities. I write mostly on Coptic literature, Patristics, and apocryphal texts.
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    Thank you so much, Alin!

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