Two Positions Available in the Project “Digital Edition and Translation of the Coptic-Sahidic Old Testament” (Göttingen Academy of Sciences)

Akademie Göttingen

The new project “Digital Edition and Translation of the Coptic-Sahidic Old Testament” at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences has two positions available. Please find the advertisement (closing date: January 20, 2015) here: (German) (English)

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Fg.IsaïeSohagcouvblancBelow is the description of the job in English:

 The Göttingen Academy of Sciences has two job openings for the long-term project

Digital Edition and Translation of the Coptic-Sahidic Old Testament

These are two-year fixed term positions starting at the earliest possible date on or after February 1, 2015. An extension of the contract beyond the initial two-year term may be available. The project (planned completion date: December 31, 2036) is based in Göttingen. Both positions can be filled either full-time (100%) or part-time (50%) on the public service scale TV-L E 13. For a full-time appointment a completed Ph.D. is required.

The appointees will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Collection and catalogisation of Coptic manuscripts of the Old Testament in an online database
  • Transcription and analysis of the manuscript texts to create a digital edition
  • Comparison and analysis of the textual tradition for the production of a critical edition of the individual books of the Coptic Old Testament
  • Translation of the Coptic text of the edition into English or German

Requirements are specifically:

  • Ph.D. or M.A. (or equivalent) in the areas of Coptic Studies, Theology/Religious Studies, Egyptology, Christian Oriental Studies, Byzantine Studies or related fields. Opportunities for training and the pursuit of further academic qualifications (e.g. a Ph.D.) are available.
  • A solid knowledge of Coptic language and literature and of the history and culture of Christian Egypt. Additional expertise and experience – especially in the areas of Philology/Editions and Manuscript Studies, Digital Humanities (digital editions, data analysis and visualisation), Corpus Linguistics, Biblical Studies / Religious Studies / Theology / Church History, Christian Near Eastern and Byzantine Studies, Arabic and Islamic Studies – are particularly welcome.

Candidates are expected to have:

  • Willingness and ability to quickly familiarise themselves with the textual culture and history of the Coptic Old Testament
  • Familiarity with modern databases and online research and the willingness and ability to be trained in the use of a variety of Digital Humanities tools and methods
  • Language skills (other than Coptic) in Ancient Greek and modern foreign languages (relevant for the project are a reading knowledge of German and French). Other language skills, in particular in Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, Arabic, Syriac or Ethiopic (Ge’ez), are helpful.
  • Excellent time management and good teamwork skills

The Göttingen Academy of Sciences is an equal opportunity employer. In case of identical qualifications applicants with disabilities will be considered on a preferential basis. A shared appointment will be considered.

Closing date: January 20, 2015

Please send your application (cover letter, CV, copies of relevant diplomas, publication list, if applicable) – in electronic form – to:

Institute for Egyptology and Coptic Studies, University of Göttingen (

Professor Heike Behlmer ( is available to answer any enquiries about the project.

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Panel on Early Christian Literature Preserved in Classical Ethiopic (Ge’ez)

conference2015I got the following announcement from Timothy B. Sailors.

As part of the 19th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, to be held from 24-28 August, 2015, at the University of Warsaw, Poland, a panel on ‘Early Christian Literature Preserved in Classical Ethiopic (Ge’ez)’ is being organized by Timothy B. Sailors (Tübingen).

The description of the panel from the call for papers is as follows:

One of the more important sources for the study of early Christian literature are the versions of these writings preserved in Classical Ethiopic (Ge’ez). This panel will provide the opportunity to focus upon the all too often under-appreciated Ge’ez versions of these works of literature originally composed in the first several Christian centuries. These include books that would come to be part of the Christian Bible, writings categorized among the so-called ‘Apostolic Fathers’ or ‘Apologists’ or ‘Church Fathers’ and so-called early Christian ‘Apocrypha’, consisting, for example, of apocalypses, acts of apostles and testaments. Moreover, many of the ancient church orders from this era are importantly preserved in Ge’ez versions, as are other writings of a monastic, didactic or legendary nature.

Some writings from this period are preserved exclusively in Ge’ez, while others are also extant – at least in part – in Greek or in other ancient translations or versions, and papers offered for this panel may examine the relation of the Ge’ez to these other witnesses.

Proposals are welcome too for contributions that investigate the historical, religious and cultural settings in which the Ge’ez versions of this literature were produced, transmitted and preserved. Papers may also give attention to the material evidence for these processes by examining codicological or palaeographical aspects of the manuscripts that contain this literature, or by considering extracts from these works in florilegia in Ge’ez. Of interest too might be the immediate literary context within the manuscript tradition, i.e., with which other writings is a work transmitted or combined? Panellists may also ask whether the content of the Ge’ez version itself presents any specific or unique philological, literary, historical or theological features to which one’s attention should be drawn.

The call for papers has been extended and is open until 15 December 2014. Paper proposals must be submitted via the official conference website.

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Guest Post: Anthony Alcock – Chronicle of Séert (Part 3)

Download the document HERE.

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SBL Coptic Sushi Night

Below is an announcement from Christian Askeland.

On Monday, 24 November, the SBL Coptic illuminati will gather for their annual feast, following the evening session.  (If you are reading this blog, then consider yourself one of the illuminati.)  Christian Askeland will lead interested participants to the venue from the Texts and Traditions in the Second Century session, and Dylan Burns will guide those in the Mysticism, Esotericism and Gnosticism in Antiquity session.

Texts and Traditions in the Second Century

11/24/2014 4:00 PM to 6:15 PM

Room 33 A (Upper level) – San Diego Convention Center

Theme: Gospels in the Second Century

Mysticism, Esotericism, and Gnosticism in Antiquity

11/24/2014 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM Room: 410 B (Level 4 (Sapphire)) – Hilton Bayfront

Theme: Early Christianity Featuring reviews of Jared Calaway, The Sabbath and the Sanctuary: Access to God in the Letter to the Hebrews and its Priestly Context (Mohr Siebeck, 2013).

All others can show up at the Dragon’s Den restaurant (Asian fusion), where a section has been reserved.  Just ask for the Coptic group.  The reservation is for 7:15, but feel free to show up early.  RSVP’s in the comments section would be appreciated, so that we can confirm the reservation.


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50 % off for 518 Sources Chrétiennes Volumes

sources chretiennesIn the period September 9-December 31, 2014, no less than 518 volumes in the Sources Chrétiennes collection are 50 % cheaper.

More information HERE.

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La Bible grecque des Septante. Cycle de conférences 2014-2015

Ce cycle de conférences internationales permet de réunir ceux qui prennent part à l’entreprise de traduction commentée de la Bible des LXX et tous ceux qui s’intéressent à cette ancienne version juive de la Bible. En France, la collection « La Bible d’Alexandrie » (Éditions du Cerf) est dirigée par Marguerite Harl, Gilles Dorival, Olivier Munnich et Cécile Dogniez. A ce jour, 19 volumes sont parus. Les conférences portent sur la Bible des LXX envisagée sous ses aspects historiques, textuels, littéraires et herméneutiques.


Anna Angelini (Université de Lausanne), L’imaginaire du démoniaque dans les traditions de l’Israël ancien: les cas du bestiaire d’Esaïe dans la Septante
de 16h 30 à 18h 30 (salle D 116)

9 JANVIER 2015

Philippe Le Moigne (Université Paul-Valéry, Montpellier), Au-delà du réel : Remarques sur le subjonctif éventuel dans la LXX de l’Octateuque
de 16h 30 à 18h 30 (salle D 116)

6 MARS 2015

Johanna Erzberger (Institut Catholique de Paris), Les termes de la loi dans la Septante de Jérémie
de 16h 30 à 18h 30 (salle D 116)

10 AVRIL 2015

Philippe Hugo (Université de Fribourg), La culpabilité de David et la mise à mort de Joab selon 3 Règnes 2. Contribution à l’histoire du texte et à la caractérisation de David en 2 Sam-1 Rois
de 16h 30 à 18h 30 (salle D 116)

Elles ont lieu le vendredi, de 16h 30 à 18h 30
à la Maison de la Recherche, salle D 116
28, rue Serpente, 75006 Paris

Contacts : ;

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Sources Chrétiennes Lectures 2014-2015

biblindex-séminaire-14-15The Sources Chrétiennes colleagues in Lyon announce the lectures that they will host this academic year. For further information please contact Dr. Smaranda Marculescu-Badilita ( or Dr. Laurence Mellerin (

Programme 2014-2015 du séminaire

Toutes les séances ont lieu de 11h à 13h
dans la salle de documentation au premier étage
de l’Institut des Sources Chrétiennes, 22 rue Sala, 69002 Lyon.


  1. Vendredi 26 septembre 2014 : Christian Boudignon, Nouvelles recherches sur Lucien d’Antioche et la Bible (un cas d’utilisation de Biblindex).
  2. Vendredi 17 octobre 2014 : Présentation des travaux des étudiants du Master de Théologie et de Patristique.
  3. Vendredi 14 novembre 2014 : Bernard Meunier, Les citations bibliques dans l’In Ioannem de Cyrille d’Alexandrie.
  4. Vendredi 12 décembre 2014 : Michel Dujarier, Le corpus biblique du « Christ frère » dans l’exégèse patristique grecque, latine, syriaque et copte.
  5. Vendredi 16 janvier 2015 : Katell Berthelot, Autour de la question de l’identification des citations bibliques à partir du cas du corpus de Qumrân (points méthodologiques).
  6. Vendredi, 6 février 2015, Frédéric Chapot, La Bible de Tertullien.
  7. Vendredi 6 mars 2015 : Marie Gabrielle Guérard, Lectures des livres historiques de l’Ancien Testament dans les écrits de Nil d’Ancyre.
  8. Vendredi 10 avril 2015 : Pierluigi Lanfranchi, Ézéchiel le Tragique et la Bible.
  9. Vendredi 29 mai 2015 : Jérémy Delmulle, Lire la Bible en Gaule à la fin de l’Antiquité.
  10. Vendredi 12 juin 2015 : Marie Formarier, Les citations bibliques dans les exempla cisterciens (XIIe-XIIIe).
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