Guest Post: Anthony Alcock – Shenoute, Ad philosophum gentilem

This translation has been made from the Coptic text published in J. Leipoldt and W.E. Crum, Sinuthii archimandritae opera omnia et vita (Paris, 1908) pp. 44-62.The biblical references are taken largely from H. Wiesman’s Latin translation, a companion volume published 24 years later. The title of the text is that of Leipoldt-Crum.

BnFCopte 129(14), f.134r MONB.ZM

Download the document HERE.

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Guest Post: Anthony Alcock – James the Persian

Dr. Anthony Alcock has translated into English the Bohairic version of the Martyrdom of James the Persian (BHO 396; clavis coptica 0278). Download the document HERE.

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Coptic Job in Berlin


One position as Research Assistant (1/2 time, up to 31.10.2018) is available for work on the project Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in Coptic (DDGLC). The DDGLC project is a long-term project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and hosted by the Free University of Berlin. The project aims at a systematic, comprehensive and detailed lexicographical compilation and description of Greek loanwords as attested in the entire Coptic corpus through all dialects and sorts of text. Its intended outcome shall be the production of an online database and in a printed dictionary. For further particulars about the DDGLC project please follow this link.

Applicants should have a degree (B.A. hons. or M.A.) in Classical Studies, Coptology, Early Christian Studies, Egyptology, Linguistics, or related disciplines. Good skills in Coptic and a sound knowledge of Greek are preconditions. Previous experience in linguistics and digital Humanities would be an advantage. Applicants will be expected to have the intention to work on a PhD in the field of Coptic philology or linguistics.

The posts, which are fixed term contracts, are available from 1 February 2016 until 31 October 2018, with a possibility of renewal. Salary is within grade E13 according to the German collective labour agreement for the public service (TV-L).

Applicants are required to submit a CV, certificates of academic degrees, and a cover letter outlining the applicant’s research interests, academic background and suitability for the role, and giving the full contact details of two referees, on paper to:

Freie Universität Berlin,

Fachbereich Geschichts-und Kulturwissenschaften


Ägyptologisches Seminar

Herrn Prof. Dr. Tonio Sebastian Richter

Fabeckstr. 23-25

14195 Berlin


or as an electronic file to

All applications quoting the reference code (DDGLC-2/2015) should be addressed no later than December 7th, 2015.

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SBL Nag Hammadi Celebration (Sat 7pm)


Dylan Burn announces all those interested that

“There will be a panel and reception celebrating the 70th anniversary of the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Codices at the Society of Biblical Literature’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, 21 November, 2015, 7pm-9pm, room M21-435, at the Sheraton — Capital Ballroom North (Level 1). (Please note that the time and location of the panel have changed from what is printed in the AAR’s Program Booklet!) The panel will feature three speakers talking about their experiences with the three major translation projects of the NHC (English, French, and German, respectively): John D. Turner, Paul-Hubert Poirier, and Gesine Schenke Robinson.  Please join us for a snacks, a drink, and a wealth of Coptic Gnostic lore.”

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Guest Post: Anthony Alcock – Coptic Feast Days

Anthony Alcock translated from Arabic a fragment from the Muslim historian al-Maqrizi (1364-1442), pertaining to Coptic religious feasts. His translation is available HERE.

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SBL Coptic Dinner

On Monday night, 23 Nov at 7:30pm, this year’s SBL Coptic gathering will take place at Pitty Pat’s Porch, an outstanding Atlanta restaurant whose cuisine and atmosphere derive from the blockbuster film and novel Gone with the Wind. Last year’s festivities were a great success, but notably attendees had to wait an hour and a half for their meals. This year, we will use a group menu which will eliminate the wait and also insure that we have our own room. The two main options are fried chicken and BBQ ribs, although there is also the possibility for a vegetarian platter. An extensive sidebar of multitudinous southern sides are included as well as drinks, tip and tax for $38.40 (or $21.76 at the student rate). No, René, you are not a student.


Please RSVP in the comments or through email. We hope that you will join us, and be assured… “You will never be hungry again.” (Thanks to Dylan Burns for the quote.)

Christian Askeland

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Volume in Honour of Peter Nagel

Pages from Digitale Edition der koptisch-sahidischen Septuaginta-2

A volume in honour of the German Coptologist Peter Nagel has recently been edited by Heike Behlmer, Frank Feder and Ute Pietruschka. The volume contains some of the papers presented on April 26-27 during a colloquium held at the Coptic orthodox monastery of St. Mary & St. Mauritius in Höxter-Brenkhausen.

The volume can be downloaded for free HERE.

From the presentation of the book,

“The present volume contains papers of an international conference held in April 2013 in honour of the 75th birthday of Peter Nagel, the doyen of Coptic Septuagint research. The conference venue was the Coptic Orthodox Monastery Höxter-Brenkhausen, where the participants enjoyed the kind hospitality of H.G. Bishop Damian. This volume builds on the scientific work of Peter Nagel, reevaluates research results on the Coptic Old Testament and offers fresh perspectives for further research.

As additional material, the digital publication offers a video clip ‘Students of a traditional Ethiopian church school present their knowledge to the teacher’ by Verena Böll.”

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