Cairo 2008 Coptic Congress Papers Publication

Important message from Christian Askeland:

“Anne Boud’hors and Peeter’s publishing house have generously agreed to publish papers from the 2008 Cairo congress within a 2013 edition of the Journal of Coptic Studies.  The effort will be organized by Christian Askeland, Alain Delattre and Gesa Schenke.  Cairo 2008 attendees should indicate their intent to participate in this publication by 14 December.  The deadline for submissions is 28 February.  Contributions must not exceed 15 pages with 2500 characters per page.  Coptic texts should be encoded with a Unicode font (e.g., Antinoou, IfaoGrec).  The edition reading committee (Askeland, Delattre, Schenke) will referee the contributions to ensure a standard of quality.  While their hope is to include a broad range of contributions, publication is not guaranteed.  Papers should be edited to conform to the Journal of Coptic Studies stylesheet.

Within the next few days, 2008 conference attendees should receive an email announcement with a stylesheet.  Any questions can be directed to Alain (, Christian ( or Gesa (”


About Alin Suciu

I am a researcher at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities. I write mostly on Coptic literature, Patristics, and apocryphal texts.
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3 Responses to Cairo 2008 Coptic Congress Papers Publication

  1. Will this be a special issue of the JCoptS or one of the two regular annual issues?

  2. Brice,
    At this point, we are waiting to see how many people submit papers. I have about 150 names on my mailing list, although I suspect only a fraction of that number will actually submit anything. Theoretically, though, we could have enough to merit more than one journal issue.

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