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New Coptic Fragments from a Homily by Severus of Antioch (Attributed Also to Gregory of Nyssa and Hesychius of Jerusalem)

Severus, the “Monophysite” patriarch of Antioch, was one of most gifted theologians of his time.[1] He came to the Episcopal See of Antioch in 512, under the rule of the anti-Chalcedonian emperor Anastasius, and was in charge of the bishopric … Continue reading

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Additional Fragments from the Coptic Version of Ephrem Graecus

In a recent article, I presented two new Coptic fragments from pseudo-Ephrem.[1] They contain portions from the ascetical sermon De perfectione monachi (CPG 3971; Clavis coptica 0860). Some modern authors have mistakenly attributed this writing to Maximus the Confessor, but … Continue reading


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Coptic Vestiges of a Paschal Homily Attributed to Epiphanius of Salamis: A Preliminary Report

The sermon In divini corporis sepulturam (CPG 3768; BHG 808e), attributed to Epiphanius of Salamis, is counted among the most curious Patristic works concerning the harrowing of hell. It was intended for liturgical reading on the Holy Saturday and is … Continue reading

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The White Monastery Euchologion: Update

My paper concerning the age of the Sahidic Euchologion manuscript was published in the latest issue of Vigiliae Christianae and can be read here. The article is dedicated to the memory of Dom Emmanuel Lanne, osb, who edited the Euchologion … Continue reading

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The Identification of the Coptic Fragments Auctioned at Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s auctioned recently ten Coptic parchment fragments which were purchased for 28,750 GBP. Surprisingly, in the only picture available thus far can be recognized a portion from Cyril of Alexandria’s Scholia on the Incarnation of Monogenes, an important dogmatic work … Continue reading

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An Unknown “Apocryphal” Text from the White Monastery

I recently edited together with Einar Thomassen a parchment folio owned by the Norwegian collector Martin Schøyen. The Schøyen leaf (MS 1991) was immediately followed in the codex by another dismembered fragment which ended up in the Bibliothèque Nationale in … Continue reading

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The Borgian Coptic Manuscripts in Naples: Supplementary Identifications and Notes to a Recently Published Catalogue

Excerpts from the draft version of the article “The Borgian Coptic Manuscripts in Naples: Supplementary Identifications and Notes to a Recently Published Catalogue.” An updated version was accepted for publication in Orientalia Christiana Periodica. Naples[draft-excerpta] The article is a review … Continue reading

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New Fragments from the Sahidic Version of the History of Joseph the Carpenter

Published in Le Muséon 122 (2009) 279-289. Suciu-New Fragments Historia Josephi Abstract: Focused on the figure of Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus Christ, the so-called History of Joseph the Carpenter is one of the most renowned writings preserved in … Continue reading

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