“Apocryphization”: Theological Debates in Biblical Disguise. 8 May, 2014, King’s College London

On May 8, 2014, I will attend a workshop organized by Peter Toth and Ioannis Papadogiannakis at King’s College, London. Here is the announcement.

“Apocryphization”: Theological Debates in Biblical Disguise

8 May, 2014, King’s College London 

This workshop focuses on a hitherto under-studied form of Christian erotapokritic literature which, keeping the format of alternating questions and answers, shifts the scene from the context of a historical event or a school discussion into a biblical scenario with biblical discussants. We aim to explore the origins and techniques of this literary phenomenon by analyzing the doctrinal stance of the various pseudo-biblical scenes in order to understand why and how they expand the original narratives and create new, “apocryphal” scenes and motifs. It is the purpose of the workshop to get closer not only to outlining the rationale in the background of these dialogues, but also to understand the origin of the very concept of “apocryphicity” too.


Confirmed Speakers 

Sebastian Brock (University of Oxford) Averil Cameron (University of Oxford) Carmen Cardelle de Hartmann (University of Zürich) Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe (King’s College, London) Yannis Papadogiannakis (King’s College, London) Alin Suciu (University of Hamburg) Peter Toth (King’s College, London)

Organisers: Peter Toth (peter.toth@kcl.ac.uk) and Ioannis Papadogiannakis (ioannis.papadogiannakis@kcl.ac.uk).
The workshop is free and open to all. However, due to a limited number of places, registration is required. register by sending an email to Peter Toth: peter.toth@kcl.ac.uk. For more information on the programme and the practicalities, visit our website.
Download the flyer of the workshop HERE.

About Alin Suciu

I am a researcher at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities. I write mostly on Coptic literature, Patristics, and apocryphal texts.
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  1. Dr Ioannis (Papadogiannakis) ? Don’t forget, Dr Suciu, to congratulate him for his immortality (Anapausis Johannis)… 😉

    [Are you a so rich man, or a prodigal son, Dr Suciu, flying all the year from Hamburg to Port of Lisbon, from Québec to London, from here to ther, etc. ?…]

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