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The Discovery of an Extract from “De Passione et Cruce” by Pseudo-Athanasius of Alexandria in a Coptic Patristic Florilegium

(Thank you, David Tibet, for helping me with this post!) The homily De Passione et Cruce Domini (CPG 2247) is amongst the most interesting documents ascribed to Athanasius of Alexandria. In a recent article, I showed that an extract from … Continue reading

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The Homilies on the Epistle to the Hebrews by John Chrysostom: A Complement to the Coptic Version

The series of the Homilies on Hebrews (CPG 4440; PG 63, coll. 9-236) was traditionally ascribed to John Chrysostom’s last years in Constantinople (403-404). However, this assumption has been challenged recently by Pauline Allen and Wendy Mayer,[1] the two scholars … Continue reading


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Coptic Fragments from Cyril of Alexandria’s Scholia on the Incarnation of Monogenes

In July 2009, during a research visit at the Papyrussammlung of the National Library in Vienna, Cornelia Römer drew my attention to ten Coptic parchment fragments that were on offer by Sotheby’s at that time. As Dr. Römer was the … Continue reading

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New Writings Attributed to John Chrysostom in Coptic

In an article which will be published soon, Sever Voicu identified the first Sahidic fragments from the pseudo-Chrysostomic piece In Psalmum 50, hom. 2 (CPG 4545; Clavis coptica 0486; Greek text in PG 55, coll. 575-588). Voicu found a cluster … Continue reading

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Ps-Theophilus of Alexandria, Sermon on the Cross and the Good Thief

In preparation for Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium (CSCO), Scriptores coptici series (Université catholique de Louvain/Catholic University of America). The homily “On the Cross and the Good Thief,” attributed to Theophilus of Alexandria, is preserved in four Sahidic manuscripts. This is … Continue reading

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The Borgian Coptic Manuscripts in Naples: Supplementary Identifications and Notes to a Recently Published Catalogue

Excerpts from the draft version of the article “The Borgian Coptic Manuscripts in Naples: Supplementary Identifications and Notes to a Recently Published Catalogue.” An updated version was accepted for publication in Orientalia Christiana Periodica. Naples[draft-excerpta] The article is a review … Continue reading

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